Information on Bus Travel in Uruguay

Bus companies

As a first step we recommend to visit the official webpage of Tres Cruces, the main bus terminal in Montevideo. Make use of their search form and enter your destination in order to see the available bus companies for this route. Note that the offer to do "online shopping" on the website of the terminal refers to the various shops situated in the same building, and is not related to buying bus tickets. Here we have collected a small list of bus companies with useful webpages:

CopsaDestinations, Timetables, Prices, Online Reservations
COTDestinations, Timetables, Prices, Online Reservations
Agencia CentralDestinations, Timetables, Prices, Online Booking
Buquebus (ferry+bus)Destinations, Timetables, Prices, Online Booking
Colonia Express (ferry+bus)Destinations, Timetables, Prices, Online Booking
Bus de la CarreraDestinations, Timetables, Prices, Online Booking
Ega Keguay InternacionalDestinations, Timetables, Prices
NossarDestinations, Timetables
Planalto (Brazil)Destinations
TTL (Brazil)Destinations, Timetables, Prices
TurilDestinations, Timetables, Online Reservations
TurismarDestinations, Timetables, Online Reservations

You will also find a lot of small bus companies who do not have a webpage, and there are also many bus companies offering only touristic services - we have not included these companies in our list. In case you know of more useful webpages, please tell us, we appreciate your input.